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Anne K. Salomon is a marine ecologist and assistant professor of applied ecology at Simon Fraser University's School of Resource and Environmental Management. Her research seeks to understand how human activities alter the productivity, biodiversity, and resilience of coastal food webs, information she uses to guide ecosystem approaches to marine conservation. Salomon and her students study the cascading effects of predator depletion, the role of marine spatial planning in ecosystem-based management, and the dynamics of linked social-ecological systems. She strives to engage coastal communities and government agencies in collaborative research, encouraging constructive dialogue among stakeholders to design effective marine policies that balance the needs of people and nature.

Salomon has been involved in marine conservation issues for more than 12 years. She has worked in partnership with coastal First Nations in Alaska and British Columbia, Canada on a range of coastal conservation research initiatives. She has also served as a board member of the Society for Conservation Biology’s marine section, as a member of World Wildlife Fund’s Pacific Advisory Council, and as a science adviser for multiple marine spatial planning and ecosystem-based management initiatives in British Columbia, California, and Alaska.

Salomon earned a bachelor’s degree in biology at Queen’s University in Canada, a master of science degree in marine ecology at the University of British Columbia, and a doctorate in zoology at the University of Washington. After her graduate work, she became a David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow at the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Marine Science Institute before joining the faculty at Simon Fraser University. Salomon directs the Coastal Marine Ecology and Conservation Lab there and is a principal investigator in the Hakai Network for Coastal People, Ecosystems and Management, an interdisciplinary partnership with coastal First Nations in British Columbia aimed at devising solutions to pressing coastal conservation problems.    



2006: Doctorate of Philosophy, University of Washington
2000: Masters of Science, University of British Columbia
1996: Bachelor of Science (Hon), Queen's University


2010 – 2012: Hakai Professor, School for Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University
2009 – Present: Assistant Professor, School for Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University
2008 – 2010: Smith Postdoctoral Fellow, Marine Science Institute, University of California Santa Barbara


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• Salomon, A.K., N. Tanape Sr., H.P. Huntington. 2011. Imam Cimiucia; Our Changing Sea. Alaska Sea Grant, University of Alaska Press. *Winner of the Alaska Library Association's 2012 Alaskana Award and the National Association of Government Communicators’ 2012 Award for best book.

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• Salomon, A.K., J.L. Ruesink, B.X. Semmens, and R.T. Paine. 2001. Incorporating human and ecological communities in marine conservation: An alternative to Zacharias and Roff. Cons. Bio. 15: 1452-1455.


2012 – Present: Scientific Advisor & Member, Central Coast Marine Plan Advisory Committee (CCMPAC)
2011 – Present: Council Member, World Wildlife Fund's Pacific Advisory Council
2011: Scientific Advisor, Canadian Marine Protected Area Scientific Design Guidelines
2010 – 2011: Steering Committee member, Hakai Network for Coastal People, Ecosystem and Management, SFU
2010: Scientific Advisor, Ecosystem-Based Management Gwaii Haanas National Marine Conservation Area
2009 – Present: Member, Haida Gwaii Marine Stewardship Group
2009: Panel Member, California North Central Coast Marine Reserve Baseline Monitoring Research Program
2007 – 2010: Board of Directors, Society for Conservation Biology, Marine Section 

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