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Andrea Sáenz-Arroyo is the director of science at Comunidad y Biodiversidad A.C. (COBI) in Mexico where she designs, applies and evaluates models for sustainable use of marine resources in rural coastal communities of Mexico and for application elsewhere. Through her work and research, she has had the opportunity to understand some of the conditions that encourage societies to commit time and money to conservation. Sáenz-Arroyo’s research projects are focused on environmental history and on understanding the performance of marine reserves and other restoration tools in enhancing the natural capital of coastal communities. She is also interested in the creation of global markets willing to absorb the costs incurred to conserve natural environments on a local scale. She has published some of her work in prestigious international journals, such as Proceedings of the Royal Society Series-B, Fish and Fisheries, Mexican newspapers and other magazines.

Sáenz-Arroyo joined COBI as an associate researcher in 2000. As of 2006 she is recognized as a researcher within the Mexican National Research System. In 2007 she was appointed to the position of adjunct professor at the University of Arizona in the U.S. and visiting professor at Universidad Nacional Autónoma México (UNAM). Sáenz-Arroyo obtained a bachelor’s degree in marine biology from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur, a master’s in research in marine and coastal management from The University of York in the United Kingdom and a Ph.D. in environmental economics and management in 2005, also from The University of York.


Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Sur, Bachellor Degree in Marine Biology (1996)
University of York, UK, Master on Research in Marine and Coastal Management (1998)
University of York, UK, PhD in Environmental Economics and Management (2005)

Member of the Mexican National Research System (2006 – 2012. Level 1)
Mexican Science and Technology Council (CONACYT-Mexico), scholarship for PhD studies in the UK
British Council Technical Cooperation Training Award for Master’s Course in the UK (1998-1999)

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evolución, historia y valores de conservación en el medio marino. Del saqueo a
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