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 In 2005 Mark Erdmann was named a senior advisor to Conservation International's Indonesian Marine Program. His specific focus is on improving the conservation and science-based management of the ultra-diverse coastal and marine resources of the Raja Ampat Corridor within the Bird's Head Seascape in Indonesian Papua.

Prior to joining Conservation International, Erdmann was the Marine Protected Areas Advisor for USAID's Natural Resources Management Project in Indonesia, where he has lived for many years. His work with USAID focused on developing the Bunaken National Marine Park co-management initiative in cooperation with villager, marine tourism private sector and government stakeholders and applying lessons learned from this management "laboratory" to reform Indonesia's national MPA policy.

Erdmann's planned postdoctoral research project on Indonesian coral reefs was interrupted by the chance discovery of the coelacanth Latimeria menadoensis, which had, up to that time, been thought extinct. He worked closely with Indonesian authorities to develop a national conservation strategy for the coelacanth. This work culminated in a regional law outlawing the shark nets that occasionally catch coelacanths, a national law declaring the coelacanth a protected species and eventual CITES Appendix I protection.

Erdmann's research interests include stomatopod crustacean ecology and systematics, anthropogenic impacts on coral reefs (especially destructive fishing), connectivity of MPA networks and reef restoration techniques.

For as long as he has lived in Indonesia, Erdmann has been involved in reef surveys throughout Indonesia, discovering and describing 15 new species of mantis shrimp while helping document biodiversity patterns and prioritizing reef systems for conservation interventions. He has also worked collaboratively with several marine geneticists to describe patterns of connectivity between Indonesian reef systems as a basis for the siting of MPA networks in the "Coral Triangle" center of marine biodiversity.



Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
1997 - Coral Reef Ecology and Crustacean Systematics,

B.S., Duke University
1990 - Biology,


North Sulawesi Watersports Association
1998-PRESENT- President and Technical Advisor

North Sulawesi Tourism Promotion Board
2001-2002- Director, International Affairs


2004 - Pew Fellowship in Marine Conservation

Equator Prize (one of seven awardees) to Bunaken National Park Management Advisory Board and Bunaken Concerned Citizen's Forum
2004 - Equator Initiative, United Nations Development Programme

International Postdoctoral Fellowship
1997 - National Science Foundation

Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award
1997 - University of California at Berkeley

Visiting Scientist Fellowship
1996 - Smithsonian Institution

Presidential Fellow
1994 - University of California

Graduate Fellow, UC Berkeley
1991 - National Science Foundation

Most Outstanding Senior in Biology
1990 - Duke University

Phi Beta Kappa
1989 - Duke University

Marine Laboratory Fellow
1989 - Duke University

Summa Cum Laude, 1990
- Duke University


International Society for Reef Studies

Phi Beta Kappa

Sigma Xi


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