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The Latest From Protecting the Deep Sea

  • European Parliament Rejects Ban on Deep-Sea Bottom Trawling

    After months of intense campaigning and public mobilisation by nongovernmental organisations, the European Parliament agreed in December to several deep-sea conservation measures but narrowly rejected elimination of the most destructive fishing practices in the Northeast Atlantic.More

  • Will New EU Fishing Regulations Stop Destruction of Deep-sea Life?

    The European Parliament has a chance next Tuesday, December 10th, to take new steps to protect highly vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems from destructive fishing practices. Doing so would build on earlier actions and help meet broader goals set by the United Nations.More

  • New York Times: Deep-Sea Plunder and Ruin

    A historical moment for the life of the oceans is at hand as the Fisheries Committee of the European Parliament wrangles with proposed legislation to phase out the use of deep-sea-bottom trawls and other destructive fishing gear in the Northeast Atlantic. And yet this crucial legislation could well be killed in coming days, not least because some of the committee's 25 members represent districts with powerful interests in deep-sea fishing.More


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