Environmental Initiatives
Learn more about the importance of protecting Canada's Boreal Forest through our one-page fact sheet, reports and interview with the program's director.

Fact Sheets


  • A Forest of Blue: Canada's Boreal

    Seen from above, Canada’s boreal forest shimmers on a bright summer day. Much of the surface of Canada’s boreal is comprised of countless lakes, rivers and wetlands. It is literally a forest of blue. Saving Canada’s boreal forest is increasingly viewed as a global conservation priority. But until recently, the water resources of the boreal have garnered scant attention. This analysis is the first compilation of decades of research on Canadian boreal water reserves from diverse sources.  More

  • The Carbon the World Forgot

    For at least two decades, scientists and conservationists have recognized the importance of tropical forests for carbon sequestration and biodiversity protection. This focus has thankfully led to the adoption of policy mechanisms that have directed monies from carbon trading revenues and other sources towards protection of tropical forests.More

  • Mining Exploration Conflicts in Canada's Boreal Forest

    Mining provides vital materials, generates business and employment opportunities in much of the Boreal Forest, and contributes significant wealth to the country as a whole.More


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