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The Marine Environment of the Pitcairn Islands

The Marine Environment of the Pitcairn Islands
By Robert Irving and Terry Dawson

This book compiles, for the first time, all of the previous scientific information about the Pitcairn Islands’ marine environment, from shoreline out to the edge of its 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone. The report characterises and quantifies the key biological, geological and natural history features in these waters that are of regional or global importance.


Pitcairn Tourism

UK Foreign & and Commonwealth Office, Pitcairn Islands Profile

Pitcairn Islands’ government website


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  • Pitcairn's Pristine Environment Play

    Pitcairn's Pristine Environment

    The waters around the Pitcairn Islands have more than 1249 marine species including 365 fish species, 22 whale species and 2 species of turtles. Pitcairn islanders hope their waters will be declared the world's largest marine reserve by the British government, which will protect all of these species as well as two of the most southern coral atolls in the world and the deepest well developed tropical coral reef.More

  • Pitcairn's Beauty Play

    Pitcairn's Beauty

    Two Pitcairn Islanders today presented their case for the world's largest marine reserve in their waters to the Third International Marine Protected Areas Congress in Marseille. Simon Young and Melva Evans Warren have travelled thousands of kilometres from their South Pacific island home to speak to global governments and stakeholders about ocean protection and their hope for their waters to be protected for their own and the world's future.More

  • Introducing Global Ocean Legacy Play

    Introducing Global Ocean Legacy

    The Global Ocean Legacy project is working to protect and preserve some of the Earth's most important and unspoiled marine environments.More

  • Pitcairn Islanders Speak Out About Marine Reserves Play

    Pitcairn Islanders Speak Out About Marine Reserves

    The 50 residents of Pitcairn Island have all unanimously voted to call for a fully protected marine reserve in their waters. If declared by the British government, it would be the largest marine reserve in the world at more than 830,000 square kilometres.More


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  • Pitcairn Islands Expedition

    In the last 3 weeks National Geographic visited the four islands and atolls in the Pitcairn Archipelago (Pitcairn, Ducie, Henderson, and Oeno). They conducted 384 individual dives, spending a total of over 450 person-hours underwater. They counted and measured underwater 40,210 fishes, 5000 sea urchins, 6300 coral coMore

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