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Our Goals

Our goal is to establish a world class, very large, highly protected marine park in the Coral Sea that will provide a safe haven for marine life in addition to recognizing the area’s historic significance. Such a park would make an unparalleled contribution to global ocean health.

In 2009, then-Australian Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett recognized the value of the Coral Sea by declaring a Conservation Zone over the entire Coral Sea within Australian waters. This measure allows for a full assessment of the conservation values of the area, but the zoning does not change existing uses.

We are calling on the Australian government to go further and create the world’s largest fully protected marine park in 2011.

Australia’s leading tropical marine scientists, former chiefs of the Royal Australian Navy and national and international conservation groups have come together to ensure the Coral Sea’s importance is recognized. More than 40,000 Australians from all walks of life, including 2,500 recreational fishers, support the establishment of a world class, very large, highly protected marine park in the Coral Sea.

Our campaign is also supported by many influential individuals. Check out what the Protect Our Coral Sea Patron and Ambassadors have to say.

Campaign Progress

  • Australian Government Takes First Big Step to Protect Coral Sea Added: May. 19, 2009

    Conservation groups praised Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett's announcement to establish a Conservation Zone over the Coral Sea within Australian waters. Permanent protection of the Coral Sea would make it the largest protected marine area on Earth.

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