Environmental Initiatives

Chris Flook

Consultant, Global Ocean Legacy - Bermuda, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Chris Flook

Email: seaflook@gmail.com

Chris Flook was engaged  by Pew in 2011 as a consultant to serve as director of the Global Ocean Legacy project in Bermuda. The project works with the Government of Bermuda, non-government organizations, and scientists to establish a very large, no-take marine reserve to protect Bermuda’s ocean habitat within its Exclusive Economic Zone, which extends from the islands’ coastline out to 200 nautical miles, and is part of the Sargasso Sea.

Previously, Flook served for 15 years as the Collector of Marine Specimens at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo. Throughout his career, he has worked on many local conservation initiatives and developed the Bermuda Lionfish Project, which addresses the invasion of the Pacific Red lionfish on Bermuda’s marine ecosystems. This project has since been used as a model by several other Caribbean countries.

News Room

  • Fahy Questions Idea of Licencing Foreign Fishing Boats, Calls for a Marine Protection Area

    • Mar. 12, 2012
    • MediaCoverage

    (The Royal Gazette) Government is being called upon to turn its Exclusive Economic Zone into a Marine Protected Area, if it wants to protect the environment and generate revenue.


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