Environmental Initiatives

Angela Bednarek

Manager, Ocean Science, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Angela Bednarek

Email: abednarek@pewtrusts.org

Washington, D.C.

Angela Bednarek is a manager for Pew’s Ocean Science, where she works on science outreach to policymakers and decision makers.

Before joining Pew, Bednarek was a foreign affairs officer and an American Association for the Advancement of Science diplomacy fellow at the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Environmental Policy. In addition, she was the U.S. representative to the U.N. Dams and Development Project. She has held several fellowships in environmental policy, including one at the Earth Institute at New York’s Columbia University and a Morris K. Udall fellowship in environmental public policy and conflict resolution. She was also a consultant for the Tennessee Valley Authority on mitigating the effects of dams on rivers.

Bednarek holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and studio art from the University of Notre Dame, a master’s degree in biology and aquatic ecology from the University of Louisville and a doctorate in biology from the University of Pennsylvania.

News Room

  • Penguins as Indicators: Understanding the Changing Marine Environment

    • May. 13, 2011
    • OtherResource

    The fragile conservation status of most penguins populations reflects problems in the world's Southern Ocean, including climate change, pollution and fisheries mismanagement. Penguins are subject to these environmental changes because they travel great distances to migrate and forage. In addition, the condition of penguin populations can serve as an indicator of the marine ecosystems on which they depend. A number of penguin colonies face an uncertain future, which will be tightly linked to the health of ocean ecosystems.


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